Welcome to Bishop Auckland and District Angling Club ( BADAC ), one of the best angling clubs in the North East of England.

The club has 150 members who enjoy fishing on more than sixteen miles of The River Wear. In addition to local people our membership includes anglers from London, The Midlands and Wales. We have a few overseas members too. Some visiting anglers have travelled from Germany and China.

Club waters provide excellent opportunities for:

Salmon fishing

Sea Trout fishing

Brown Trout fishing

Grayling fishing

Club members have access to fish on 17 miles of water on the River Wear.

New members can expect a friendly reception plus help and advice from existing members many of whom are extremely knowledgeable and experienced anglers. Visitors are also welcome to fish BADAC waters on a day ticket.




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Lower Eggleston Beat
Cliff Pool

Fantastic Value For Money

Why pay hundreds of pounds for one days salmon fishing on a few miles of river when you can join us and over sixteen miles of river whenever you choose, for the full season!


20. July 2018


  1. Got to say I’ve only just finished my first full season in the club and I’ve already managed to catch my first (and second!) fly caught salmon – on the Tees no less! – and 4 sea trout on the Wear. If I’d managed to land everything I’d of hooked this year on the Wear I’d be well in to double figures. No wonder the Wear has the best reputation for sea trout in England!! Can’t wait for it all to start again.

    1. BADAC

      Mike that is brilliant. Let us know about any future exploits.


  2. Instantly engaging and gives links to all of the key information required by club members.


  3. Do not just sit at home waiting for a good spate to encourage the salmon to run. From mid June sea trout have usually arrived in the pools and good sport can be had if you are prepared to fish during the the hours of darkness. The E.A. rated, by numbers of sea trout running, that the Wear was best sea trout river in England.

    1. BADAC

      Good advice Keith. Thanks for the five stars!


  4. Fantastic locations, fantastic people, fantastic fishing.


  5. I’ve been a member for a few years now and have found the club to be very well run. The members are friendly and willing to pass on their expertise, especially to those who are new to the sport or want to catch their first sea trout or salmon. The river beats are easy to access and of course the fishing is good, whether your interest is in Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout or Grayling fishing. The flexibility of having access to both the Wear and Tees means that it’s nearly always possible to fish as the conditions dictate. Definitely a club worth joining.

    1. BADAC

      Thanks Scott. It’s great to get positive feedback. Please keep us updates with your fishing experiences.


  6. A great club that gives the ordinary man access to some of the best Sea-trout and Salmon fishing in England for a modest cost.I’ve never met another member on the river that is not friendly or willing to help.

    1. BADAC

      Thank you for your review. Glad you are enjoying the fishing.


  7. I have been really impressed by Scott’s Wear Fly Survey reports. It was a part of trout fly fishing that myself and three friends were keen on in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I was then motivated again after seeing the first video featuring Oliver Edwards fishing with Czech Nymphs.


    1. Thanks for that Keith. I just need to tie up some nymphs to match!


  8. Hi all good luck for 2018.
    Plenty of rain on the menu. Tight lines.


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